USDEUnited States Department of Education
USDEUnit of Sustainable Development and Environment (Organization of American States)
USDEUndesired Signal Data Emanations
USDEUnit for Social Development and Education (Organization of American States)
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These three components were completed, and a final report was sent to the USDE in 1980, Standards for Industrial Arts Programs was revised by AIAA in 1985 to reflect technology rather than industry.
In the end, the USDE attempted to enforce SES policies, which was devastating to the long-term viability of the program.
This book is appropriate for anyone who wants knowledge about accreditation as well as anyone involved with accreditation agencies, including individuals in the USDE and elected officials.
USDE, Billion-Ton Update, supra note 1, at xix (using a composite total price of $60 per dry ton, therefore $50 is a reasonable number).
In a meta-analysis of 99 studies comparing online and face-to-face courses, the USDE (2009) identified several statistically significant characteristics of effective online courses.
The ability of the USDE to regulate accreditors stems from its oversight responsibility for the administration of federal student aid programs and other federal funds for higher education under the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA, 2008).
Accrediting organizations must be reviewed at least every five years by the USDE in order to maintain federal recognition.
In order to promote intrinsic motivation to learn among students, school psychologists could consider the Caring School Community as a potential prevention program for their districts (see USDE, IES, 2007).
The final rule is considerably watered-down from the more draconian proposed rule that USDE issued last summer, which threatened to shut down some of the best-known proprietary colleges in the Nation.
The report resulting from the 2000 meeting of MENC, NAEYC and USDE, Start the Music: A Report from the Early Childhood Music Summit, lists a number of resources to aid the newcomer to this field.