USDECUs Dairy Export Council
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This is why the work of the Consortium for Common Food Names (CCFN), an independent organization USDEC founded two years ago, is so important," adds Suber.
It wasn't always easy to convince people to join USDEC," Kirkpatrick says.
54) In addition to seeking the elimination of these quotas, the NMPF and USDEC want U.
However, both USDEC's Suber and Jaime Castaneda, who is senior vice president of both USDEC and the National Milk Producers Federation, point out that Japan's decision to join the talks also brings with it certain challenges.
The programs of the ADA, NDC and USDEC, which help expand U.
The Mistral Group of Oxford, UK, tel:0186 588 3400, will serve as the USDEC contact point in the EU for U.
Obvious or not, many companies say coordinated purchasing is the way to go, according to USDEC.
ingredients that had previously been used to manufacture cheese in the country," NMPF and USDEC said.