USDHHSUnited States Department of Health and Human Services
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In addition to criminal history, ethnic minority clients who misuse substances often experience barriers to wellness such as low socio-economic status, discrimination, and lack of documentation (USDHHS, 2001).
Forty-four percent of young adults aged 18-25 use tobacco in the form of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, cigars, or pipes, compared to 29% for those aged 26 and older, and 15% for those aged 12-17 (National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, USDHHS 2001).
USDHHS finds that care providers sometimes sacrifice their personal health and incur higher rates of depression and social isolation, while other care providers find the role has a positive emotional side.
Healthy People 2010: Understanding and Improving Health (USDHHS, 2000) is a major initiative composed by scientists both within and outside government designed to outline comprehensive disease prevention and health promotion objectives for the nation to achieve over the first decade of the 21st century.
that place a particular emphasis on the use of inter-organizational collaboration between federal, state, and local child welfare stakeholders (CAPTA PL 104-235, 108-36; Hoel, 1998; Page, 2003; Reilly, 2001; USDHHS, 2000).
Surgeon General (USDHHS 1999) describes mental illness as abnormalities in cognition, emotion, mood, and social function.
Both the enforcement and preemption data came from the Synar Regulation State Summary FFY97 (USDHHS 1997), a report on enforcement efforts that each state must provide to the federal government.
In making his case, Goldberg refers to three government documents as "consensus" reports (Institute of Medicine, 1994; USDHHS, 1994, 1996) that have concluded that there is a cause and effect relationship between advertising and the smoking-related behaviors of children.
Most smokers begin to smoke at an early age and are smoking regularly by age 18 (USDHHS, 1994, 2000).
Washington, DC:Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, USDHHS, PHS, 1999.