USDNUnited States Digital Network
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USDN, 2016: Developing urban climate adaptation indicators.
Through a variety of tours and presentations during the USDN event, the City will showcase key initiatives including green development, green roofs and biodiversity; deep lake water cooling and district energy systems; parks, ravines and urban wilderness; neighbourhood and transportation planning initiatives; waterfront renewal; and campus revitalizations.
and Sc., Case Western Reserve Uni., Cleveland., OH 44106, USDn Reserve Uni., Cleveland, OH 44106, USA; tel.: (216)_ 368-5510; fax: x-2801; email:
The important factor of USDN is that these special service facilities presently require special handling and conditioning by the telephone companies.
USDN means integrated access to multiple networks and services rather than integrated services on a single digital network.
This message was made clear at the 1983 Monterey ISDN- USDN Conference, with the rapid proliferation of voice-prompted transactions in banking, retail, manufacturing and insurance.