USDOIUnited States Department of Interior
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Oil and gas exploration, fieldwork associated with monitoring Arctic peregrines and other natural resources, and recreation were primary activities in the CRSA during our study (USDOI 2008).
The CRSA Management Plan provides guidance for the protection of Arctic peregrine nest sites, nesting cliffs, and foraging habitat that governs all nest sites and habitat under the same regulations (USDOI 2008).
The USDOI's Bureau of Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement is central to Outer Continental Shelf petroleum development in Alaska, but I found no index entries that help keep these acronyms straight.
All are largely crystalline silica" (USDOI, 1992, table 2).
Proposed oil and gas development in 3.95 million ha of submerged lands in the Beaufort Sea (USDOI MMS, 2002) would likely affect wildlife.
Currently, oil and gas development seaward of the continental shelf is unlikely (USDOI MMS, 2002).
Nearly four million hectares of submerged land between Barrow and Demarcation Point are being considered for oil and gas development (USDOI MMS, 2002).