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USDOTUnited States Department of Transportation
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Financier address : 1) US Department of Transportations (USDOT);
To test a digital certificate system in a connected vehicle environment, USDOT created the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership in 2014 with automotive industry and security experts to design and develop a state-of-the-art security system that enables V2V and V2I users to have confidence in one another.
"After several years of being in the CIG program, the Hudson Tunnel project remains ineligible to advance from the first phase to the second phase because it has received a medium-low rating from the professional career staff at FTA, in significant part because of inadequate financial plans," the USDOT spokesperson said.
A similar action in took place in 2012, when USDOT made over $470 million in unspent earmarks immediately available to states for projects that create jobs and help improve transportation across the country.
Reportedly, this award extends Iteris' working relationship with the USDOT to over 20 years.
USDoT forecasts there will be just over 200 derailments involving trains carrying 20 or more tank cars of crude or ethanol between 2015 and 2034, an average of more than 10 per year, based on analysis of previous accidents and predicted growth in traffic volumes.
Kiealtz has received various awards, including the Secretary's Gold Medal from USDOT, the agency's highest award, and a Special Recognition Award from the National Park Service for work promoting new transportation strategies for national parks.
Funding is through extension of a contract with USDOT PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration) under which ITT's current airborne leak detection sensor technology used in the ANGEL Service was successfully enhanced to remotely detect and quantify small leaks of hazardous liquids, such as gasoline, diesel fuels and propane.
The USDOT's funding of VII research has been steadily increasing in recent years as the program goals have solidified.
The decision requires the USDOT to prepare full environmental impact statements under NEPA before approving the operation of Mexican motor-carriers in the United States.
Under Secretary Chaos leadership, USDOT has launched numerous initiatives to strengthen safety.
Through a collaborative effort, USDOT and three demonstration sites from the Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot Deployment Program conducted an interoperability test.