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USDPUnified Software Development Process
USDPUniversal Service Discovery Protocol
USDPUnified Software Development Process (software design methodology)
USDPUnder Secretary of Defense for Policy
USDPUnzen Scientific Drilling Project (Japan)
USDPUnited Social Democratic Party (political party)
USDPUnited States Distilled Products (Princeton, MN)
USDPUnited States Disclosure Policy
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Now Shwe Mann's own followers in the USDP and elsewhere may face the same fate as the former intelligence chief's.
The NLD boycotted the 2010 parliamentary election, which the USDP then won by securing 70 percent of parliamentary seats.
The Constitution has however guaranteed that the interests of the military will still need to be negotiated by India, even if the USDP government loses power to the NLD in the 2015 elections, as is expected.
The USDP started a three-day conference on Sunday to choose a new party chief and attempt to frame a new strategy.
A quarter of the seats in the parliament were reserved for the military even before the November 2010 elections, and the USDP holds about 80 percent of the remainder.
But while the NUP and USDP are both conservative and authoritarian, they may pursue opposing social and economic policies in Parliament, ultimately fostering greater democratic debate in a country where an estimated 2,100 political activists and opposition politicians are behind bars, diplomats said.
There has also been controversy about some of the USDP candidates.
In signing the statement, the USDP was joined by the National Unity Party, the National Democratic Force, the Democratic Party (Myanmar), and 20 other political parties.
The 969 movement in lieu with USDP and the Tatmadaw did their very best to discredit NLD led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi but as everybody knows NLD prevails with a landslide win in the elections and the unholy alliance have to eat a humble pie.
Sai Mauk Kham was nominated by the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).
This time,AaAeAeA the speaker of the lower hou of parliament and the co-chairman of the USDP haveAaAeAeA both conceded th lost their seats and said that their partyAaAeAeA was losing badly acro the country and the vote must beAaAeAeA respecte
By contrast, the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) would need far fewer seats if it secured the backing of the military bloc in parliament.