USDRUniformed Services Disabled Retirees
USDRUnited States Defense Representative
USDRUnited States Desert Racing
USDRUniversity Strategic Development Reserve (Australia)
USDRUser Services Documentation Repository
USDRUpper School Dining Room
USDRUnited States Dog Registry
USDRUnited States Defense Research
USDRUnited States Drug Rehabs Centers
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The concept of having a single officer serve as the DATT, CSCO, and USDR is not new.
The SDO/DATT fulfills the formerly distinct USDR responsibilities.
While Rios hopes USDR International becomes a prosperous company, upholding family tradition is an equally important measure of success.
USDR Global Aerospace recently received certification satisfying FAA Decompression (Windshield-Bird Strike) regulations, giving USDR Global a substantial lead in obtaining STC certification from the FAA.
OTCBB: CPRD) is pleased to announce that, pursuant to a share exchange agreement, it has acquired 100% ownership of USDR Global Aerospace, Ltd.