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USDTVUS Digital Television, Inc.
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been completed and the USDTV service will be re-launched in September 2005.
Acquiring the USDTV assets and hiring Steve Lindsley as our chief executive were critical steps needed to boldly move our company forward as we enter the competitive digital services marketplace," said Mr.
early positive growth, the USDTV rollout stalled due to a delay obtaining
The loss of USDTV to bankruptcy and the decision by another client to take their program in-house will reduce our projected second quarter revenues by approximately $735,000, although this will be offset to some extent by the new project for McAfee in Europe and the increased pricing we have won thus far to offset wage increases.
USDTV sends encrypted cable channels via satellite to local TV station partners where they are distributed over the air along with the broadcasters' primary channels.
CSG is the cable and satellite industry's leading supplier of customer care and billing solutions and provides USDTV with the tools to build strong customer relations and manage growth as it expands into new markets.
The new USDTV receiver will provide consumers with enhanced video features including advanced digital reception, PVR functionality and VOD services," said Richard Johnson, Chief Operation Officer, USDTV.
Our second-generation set-top box is an essential technical milestone in offering consumers more choice, developing new revenue streams for our broadcast partners, and sustaining our long-term competitive advantage," said Steve Lindsley, Chief Executive Officer of USDTV.
The first satellite receivers are expected to be shipped to USDTV next month.
MPEG-4 AVC technology enables USDTV to more efficiently utilize the digital spectrum leased from its broadcast partners, creating increased revenue opportunities through expanded content and service offerings.