USDVAUnited States Department of Veterans Affairs
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Further, the USDVA has identified that California needs more than 3,500 beds for veterans, clearly demonstrating additional homes are needed and should be supported.
that proximity to a USDVA medical center, availability of medical staff, and the convenience of potential home members have been considered by all .
When the time comes to start construction, CDVA's hope is that proximity to a USDVA Medical Center, availability of medical staff, and the convenience of potential home members have been considered by all.
According to USDVA estimates, approximately 13,000 veterans discharged more than 10 years ago have contributions remaining in their Chapter 32 accounts.
The nearest USDVA Medical Center is more than sixty minutes away, and that is on a day when traffic flows smoothly.
Arnold, who held senior healthcare-management positions in USDVA, was appointed by Governor Davis as Administrator in 1999.
But that phrase has meaning beyond imagining for the 250,000 veterans without a home -- about one-third of the adult homeless population living on the streets or in shelters on any given night," said USDVA Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Hershel Gober.
Ninety-five organizations applied for this year's USDVA grants.
With this new round of grants, USDVA has assisted 127 public and private nonprofit grant recipients in 39 states and the District of Columbia, with new recipients in three more states (North Carolina, Utah and Virginia).
Among other things, the plan envisions relocation of VA home loan servicing functions and VA pension servicing, currently done within California, to USDVA offices in Denver and Phoenix, respectively.
At the request of the president of NASDVA, Vargas presented his report to Brown and senior USDVA officials the following day.
I was concerned to learn of the USDVA Field Restructuring Plan and its proposals to transfer significant portions of veterans benefit processing out of California.