USDWUnderground Source of Drinking Water
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In short succession, the EPA, in 2004, issued a final version of its study on the potential effects on USDWs caused by hydraulic fracturing operations in coalbed methane reservoirs.
In 2004 the EPA published a study evaluating the impacts of hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane ("CBM") wells on underground sources of drinking water ("USDWs").
The tripling of sugar cropland between 1899 and 1919 confirmed Puerto Rico's rapid economic transformation, when sugar exports went from 21.6% in 1897 to 54.9% in 1901 (USDW 1899:146, 356; Clark 1930: 606-607; Diffie and Diffie 1931:112-116; Perloff 1950:406; Ramos Mattei 1974:57).