USDXUS Dollar Index
USDxUniversal Death Squad Xtreme (gaming team)
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Daily volume in the USDX exceeded by more than 35% the previous record of 54,625 contracts established on Friday, December 4, 2009.
USDX futures trade exclusively on the ICE trading platform 22 hours a day.
Real-time prices for USDX futures are available at no cost on the ICE website following a one-time registration.
ICE also announced that on Wednesday, September 30, it will offer a foreign exchange webinar with a focus on fundamental and technical approaches to trading USDX futures.
A good illustration of this point was gold's price appreciation in the spring of 2010, when fears about European sovereign debt problems were at the forefront of investors' minds and when the USDX was rising.
ICE USDX futures and options on futures trade exclusively on ICE Futures U.
More information on the USDX is available from the New York Board of Trade website at: http://www.
First quarter 2010 ADV and open interest in the USDX increased 295% and 97%, respectively, over the prior first quarter.
Starting today, USDX options on futures are available side-by-side, trading for the first time on the ICE electronic platform, and will continue to be offered on the ICE Futures U.
The USDX contract was established in 1973 and includes six currencies: the Euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona and Swiss franc.