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The language-habit consists not merely in the use of words demonstratively, but also in their use to express narrative or desire.
We need not linger over what is said in the above passage as to the use of the word "box" in the presence of the box.
And we may lay it down generally that, whenever we use a word, either aloud or in inner speech, there is some sensation or image (either of which may be itself a word) which has frequently occurred at about the same time as the word, and now, through habit, causes the word.
Images may cause us to use words which mean them, and these words, heard or read, may in turn cause the appropriate images.
But this association is not essential to the intelligent use of words.
The use of words is, of course, primarily social, for the purpose of suggesting to others ideas which we entertain or at least wish them to entertain.
So far, all the uses of words that we have considered can be accounted for on the lines of behaviourism.
But it is unnecessary to prolong the catalogue of the uses of language in thought.
Law enforcement agencies could use automated speaker identification technology in a number of ways, such as tracking individuals using wire or cellular phones, recording and identifying suspects in wire-tapping and other monitoring operations, and using voiceprints for police sorting and booking operations.
The main purposes of the survey were to provide information on the use of credit by small and minority-owned firms and to create a general-purpose database on the finances of such firms.
While many architects are putting more and more design responsibility in the hands of others, Gehry's use of computers has led the office into closer relationships with contractors and direct relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.
The Food Additives Amendment to the FD&C Act, passed in 1958, requires FDA approval for the use of an additive prior to its inclusion in food.