USEGUnited States Educational Group
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It was ten o'clock at night before the amiable Sally supported her beloved and loving brother from the Wilderness, by which time he needed the utmost support her tender frame could render; his walk being from some unknown reason anything but steady, and his legs constantly doubling up in unexpected places.
That done he opened his discourse, taking for his text a passage from the Song of Solomon, laid upon the desk before the commencement of the service by some unknown member of the congregation: 'Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on the arm of her beloved
They can do their seaman's duty manfully, and be easy in their minds in the utmost peril and danger, with this' - two more: 'They can come, even these poor fellows can come, from the wilderness leaning on the arm of their Beloved, and go up - up - up
If any of the targets is developed to a mining stage then the Shootaring Canyon Mill, owned by USEG, (and in which Crested has an interest), and would be the likely location for processing.
We are pleased that our mining venture with Uranium Power has now been formalized," said Keith Larsen, president of USEG.
In the event that uranium prices rise above $30 per pound for a period of 30 days, an additional $6 million in cash will be paid to USEG and Crested.