USEIUndergraduate Statistics Education Initiative
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The data was gathered through an online questionnaire composed of sample characterization questions and the USEI and UWESSS' items available online during the 2nd semester of the 2012-2013 school year (February to May 2013).
The evidence for concurrent criterion related validity was evaluated by correlational analysis between the mean score estimates for the 3 factors of USEI and the 3 factors of the UWES-SS (Schaufeli et al.
The concurrent validity of the proposed USEI with the UWES-SS, was evaluated by a correlational analysis done in the validation sample (n = 296).
USEI lost all terrestrial (land-based) communication.
Government customers, USEI was very humbled by the Carlton Complex Wildfire.
USEI is a communications/aerospace company founded by Jim Veeder in 1985.