USEIAUnited States Energy Information Administration
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In order to authenticate USEIA resource estimates and assess the availability of required technology and infrastructure for shale gas operations in the country, USAID-EPP was engaged for geological assessment of shale gas resources in Pakistan by utilizing high-tech interpretation softwares to existing well logs, cores/cuttings and geo-chemical reports.
40) For the year 2000 per capita emissions, see USEIA data at www.
OPEC's oil revenue is predicted by USEIA to reach $667 billion in 2010.
138) USEIA projects that just under 10,000 megawatts of coal-fired plant capacity will be added to the grid between 2003 and 2007, representing about eight percent of the total (roughly 115,000 megawatts) to be added during that period.
USEIA had reported (April 2011) presence of 206 TCF shale gas in lower Indus Basin of which 51 TCF were termed technically recoverable.
USEIA, International Energy Annual, Energy Information Administration, U.
2 percent sulfur would increase by one-third with a spare module according to USEIA, 1994b, p.