USEIAUnited States Energy Information Administration
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Later on in June 2013, USEIA revised shale gas in-place resources in Pakistan as 586 TCF out of which 105 TCF were considered technically recoverable, he added.
Without such a change, Saudi Aramco's CEO Khalid al-Falih has warned that rising domestic energy consumption could reduce crude oil exports by three million barrels per day (bbl/d) by the end of the decade (USEIA).
United States Energy Information Administration (USEIA) (2013), "Kazakhstan." (last accessed June 26, 2014).
Nationally, year-to-year residential rate increases have averaged 3.2 percent per year for 13 years, according to USEIA data (figure 1), but industry sources reference this year's increases in natural gas prices as well as reduction in nuclear and coal-fired generation capacity in the region.
(17.) USEIA, "Countries: World Oil Transit Chokepoints,"
(40) For the year 2000 per capita emissions, see USEIA data at
OPEC's oil revenue is predicted by USEIA to reach $667 billion in 2010.
United States Energy Information Administration (USEIA) (2006) International Petroleum (Oil) Imports and Exports, Table 1.7: Overview of U.S.
The Commercial Building Energy Survey (CBES) database developed by the US Energy Information Administration (USEIA 1995) has been extensively used by several researchers to develop energy and demand benchmarks in the forms of Energy Use Intensities (EUIs) for different types of commercial buildings (for example, Burns [1990]; Eto [1990]; Sharp [1994]).
Energy Information Administration ("USEIA"), coal-fired generation has grown in the last few years, though no more quickly than total generation.