USELUlster Supported Employment Ltd. (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
USELUniversal Success Enterprises Ltd. (Singapore)
USELUtrecht Solar Energy Laboratory (Utrecht University; Netherlands)
USELUnite Equipment and Supply List
USELUS Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (Rahway, NJ)
USELUnix Systems Enablement Lab (Fort Collins, CO)
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USEL's production began in 1962 and its rich history includes a merger with Workshops For The Blind, founded by Mary Hobson in 1871.
Before joining USEL, he was with the Singapore's Temasek Group of companies for 15 years.
DMCC members can usel eService facilities by registering on Dubai Trade Portal.
Guberan E, Usel M, Raymond L, Tissot R, Sweetnam PM.
Irani scored 69, and there were also usel contributions from James Middlebrook (36) and Aftab Habib (34), as Essex closed 142 ahead on 356 for seven.
5) Whiteback tells Amy, "right behind you there Mrs Joubert, some pictures just came in I knew you'd want to see right behind you under those clippings somewhere yes in fact you may want to usel, utilize them on the televised portion of your lesson" (450), unaware that the photos are in fact pornographic pictures which Major Hyde's son has received in the mail.
The victims were Aborigines in remote communities who were sold (generally) usel investment policies as a result of a variety of shocking misrepresentations, even the misrepresentat would be sent to jail if he did not sign the policy.
Communities Minister, Paul Givan today opened a new social enterprise outlet at Ulster Supported Employment and Learning (USEL) selling bedding materials.
USEL is a Non-Departmental Public Body which was established in 1962 under the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act (NI) 1945 to provide employment for severely disabled people.
Minister for Employment and Learning Dr Stephen Farry, today announced the reappointment of Dr Gavin Adams and Mr Aidan Bennett to the Board of Ulster Supported Employment Limited (USEL).