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Both Zollars and Prescott suggested some additional tools if you're planning to be a frequent Usenet participant.
After all, Bell Atlantic is no more an arm of government than those Usenet sysops.
Any operating system can access Usenet, if news reader software is installed.
For example, usenet and listserv are both services supporting topic-focused discussions, but their cultural differences may be related to their origins.
"Market Place7' researchers regularly post Usenet queries to find sources for upcoming stories.
In my Introduction to American Politics class, students have e-mail accounts and also access USENET newsgroups that discuss American politics.
At the next level (of interactive uselessness) we find the Usenet newsgroups or conferences.
You'll also be able to read and post messages to Usenet, a worldwide collection of specialized discussion groups covering everything from Noam Chomsky to one-dimensional universes.
Then it started showing up on Usenet, the bulletin-board system that can be read by more than 15 million people on the Internet.
The largest collection of news and discussion groups on the Net is Usenet, which involves millions of people reading and posting messages on more than 5,000 topics, ranging from "artificial intelligence" ( to "Japanese animation" (rec.arts.anime).
The list includes Listserv groups, Usenet groups, Freenets, Data Archives, Electronic Publications & Health Science oriented databases, as well as anonymous ftp sites for software applications and several new Gopher sites, databases and libraries.
Other people choose to submit articles via the FIDO, BITNET, and Usenet networks.