USEPAUnited States Environmental Protection Agency
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Cu concentration in all fish samples were within USEPA allowable limit (120g/g).
USEPA recently delivered Special Notices of Liability to parties who were very unpleasantly surprised to learn of their potential liability -- especially to the extent they were under the impression that their recycling activities were exempt from CERCLA liability.
More than 2000 pesticide products (n= 2,282) were inventoried in total and 93% (n= 2, 119) were matched to the USEPA PPIS database: 1825 (86%) of the USEPA registration numbers were directly matched, 168 (8%) were found to have transferred USEPA registration numbers (products that were assigned a new USEPA registration number due to transfer from one firm to another) and 126 (6%) were matched using an edited USEPA registration number (due to expired pesticide registrations and data entry errors).
USEPA region 9 maximum groundwater screening levels of elements in mg/kg that can occupy sandy filter media/soil at any given time for protection of water quality are given in Table 1 (EPA 2009).
The courses are designed for those responsible for removing or modifying painted surfaces and outline procedures that meet the requirements of the USEPA.
Ammonia is a regulated pollutant under USEPA CERCLA regulations which requires notification if the facility emits more than 100 pounds of ammonia per day.
USEPA Region 3 was recently awarded a two-year Regional Applied Research Effort (RARE) grant to work with the Duluth, Minnesota, USEPA Office of Research and Development and the U.
New USEPA Handbook for Management of Onsite and Decentralized Wastewater Systems
Wade, USEPA, MD 58C, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711, USA; fax: 919-966-0655; email: wadc.