USEPAUnited States Environmental Protection Agency
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The non-carcinogenic risk for adults and children populations in the Jazan region of Saudi Arabia due to heavy metals exposure through the consumption of Baladi chicken parts was assessed as per the method described by US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA, 1989).
La Evaluacion de Riesgo Ecologico (ERA, por sus siglas en ingles), es un buen mecanismo para la toma de decisiones en este campo, la cual se aplica como metodologia en los Estados Unidos, USEPA (1998), y en los paises de la Comunidad Europea, Directiva 414 (European Community, 1991).
The ecotoxicological assessment is essential to identify potential negative impacts on waterbodies and to regulate the use and potential environmental risk classification (USEPA, 2002).
Under this project, SUPARCO's scope of work is collection of air quality data and compilation of the latest relevant studies, air quality measurement of NOx, SO2, TSP/PM10, Ozone, CO and CO2 using USEPA sampling methods, collection of water quality samples and analysis of ground water.
Summary: The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) recently included the Chemetco site in Hartford, Ill., on the National Priorities List (NPL).
The study reviewed emissions associated with well development, production, and completions and found leakage of methane fell below estimates made by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), The agency's most recent data found that overall leakage from the natural gas production process was actually below 1.5 percent.
A work plan was quickly developed using Ransom's TSCA expertise to address all PCB-impacted material in accordance with PADEP and USEPA regulations.
These values were slightly low as maximum oxygen uptake by micro-organisms in refuse usually occurs at 40%-50% moisture content (USEPA, 1998).