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USER IDUser Identification
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The company "cannot rule out the possibility of leak" of user IDs, it said.
In addition, when a bank allows users to choose their own user ID, 65% of users share this ID with nonfinancial websites; and when a bank chooses the user ID for its customers, 42% use the bank issued user ID with at least one other website.
Your User ID is the same as your SPE Member ID# on your SPE membership card.
As IAM tools continually monitor linked systems, if a user ID is provisioned--created and access assigned on a system without being first provisioned in the IAM tool, an alert will be sent to the IAM process owner.
Because these powerful user IDs have complete run of the system, staff should monitor and control the use of high-powered IDs and have a review process that determines that each use was appropriate.
It offers maximum protection by using password and unique user ID electronic signatures.
Features include: easy installation over a network, unique export facility for signed documents, encrypted audit trails, seecure user access control, electronic signature, total document security, and full user access control (user ID, password, 4 user levels, time-out).
CoStar uses certificate-based authenticating technology in all of its Web-based services to digitally verify and associate a user ID and password with one particular computer.
He currently represents about 40 different carriers, each requiring a unique password and user ID. "It's a very time-consuming process going from one site to the other."
It also labels all charts with the User ID and serial number of their Dickson data loggers.
If an individual's physical attributes could be compared to that of the account holder possessing a user ID or smart card on a database of registered users, authentication will occur, known as a one-to-one search.
The system uses two-factor authentication -- something you know (a Personal Identification Number) and something you have (the USB token) -- to provide a stronger level of authentication than the standard user ID and password.