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USERIDUser Identification
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Query 3: select productid, userid, profilename from movie_rc where Score = "review/score: 50";
Applying the postulate PI, we obtain Bank [contains as member] Req, UserID,[Nonce.sub.User].
El resultado que obtenemos tras la aplicacion del Modelo estadistico A-priori es que hallamos una unica regla que nos indica que "si el antecedente es el modulo userid, con un 19,047% de grado de soporte (del total de registros acumulados en la plataforma) y un 90,228% de grado de confianza el consecuente es la accion view".
The CS makes the UserId verification procedure (whose steps depend on the nature of the UserId itself), and then binds the user identity with his public key and with a Nodeld by producing the following token:
Users do not need to create or remember their userID or password to authenticate at a website.
The ODS, which has controlled access and requires a USERID (user identification) and password to gain entry into the system and run queries, interfaces with various systems, including entitlement systems, disbursing systems, accounting systems, logistics systems, and pay systems.
In order to keep a complete record of paper usage, we also need a usage tag which includes: userID of users who rated the paper and ratings and the time the ratings are submitted.
Al ejecutarse el programa mediante el comando seti@home desde una terminal, nos preguntara nuestra direccion de correo, asi como el userid (identificador de usuario) a mostrar y comenzara a descargar la primera unidad para su procesamiento.
You do not have to have an AEPS userid to submit an SDR but you do need the userid to check the status in AEPS.
All UPDATEs issued by userid DSGRNTLD since last Wednesday at 11:50 a.m.
They must obtain a UserID and password at the site and then request access.
A user navigates to the access page on the Web, clicks on an obvious graphic or the alternative text link to enter the service, and responds with a userid and password in a standard authorization dialog box.