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USESUnited States Employment Service
USESUnited South End Settlements (Boston, MA)
USESUniform System for the Evaluation of Substances (est. 1994)
USESUrbanization and Southeastern Estuarine Systems (research project; est. 1990)
USESUpper Socio-Economic Status
USESUnited States Environmental Services LLC (contracting firm; various locations)
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The tax was viewed as providing an easily administered, economically efficient mechanism for encouraging the development and use by the private sector of compounds that do not dissipate the stratospheric ozone layer shielding the earth's surface from dangerous ultraviolet radiation.
Molecular diagnosis of human enteroviruses by phylogeny-based classification by use of the VP4 sequence.
This study qualitatively examines student perceptions and attitudes of Internet use in the classroom, in an effort to bridge the growing digital divide between home and school uses of the Internet.
as compared to dry cell batteries, hence disabling rechargeable batteries from becoming batteries that 'customers can use immediately after purchase'.
The Secure Sockets Layer used for secure communications on the Internet uses RSA (the popular https protocol is simply http over SSL).
This monograph discusses the properties and uses of starches, specifically the application of starch and starch products for surface sizing and coating of paper and paperboard.
It has a historical use for enlarged spleen (a mass of lymphatic tissue), prostate conditions, and cough.
The pharmaceutical industry also uses supercritical C[O.
ASTM D2663 method B defines the agglomerate count method which uses the Leigh-Dugmore formula and the microtoming sample preparation process (ref.
FHWA conducted this review on the uses of (RCA) in highway applications with the purpose of capturing the most advanced applications and technologies.
Resoflex R-296, R-460, R-766, R-804 and R-446 resinous plasticizers for use with film-forming resins that are generally compatible with other plasticizers.