USETUnited States Equestrian Team
USETUnited South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. (Native American tribal organization; Nashville, TN)
USETUHIN (Utah Health Information Network) Security Education Tool (est. 1993)
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Benito Juarez, Normal Urbana Emilio Sanchez Piedras, Normal Preescolar Francisca Madera Martinez, Normal Primaria Leonarda Gomez Blanco, Centro de Estudios Superiores de Comunicacion y Tecnologia Educativa (CESCET), Centro de Actualizacion del Magisterio, Colegio de Tlaxcala (COLTLAX), Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxcala, Unidad de Servicios Educativos de Tlaxcala, (USET), Servicios Educativos Integrados al Estado de Mexico (SEIEM) entre otras, cuyas tematicas giraron en torno a experiencias de la practica docente, asi como seguimiento de egresados, formacion para la investigacion, etc (Figura 4).
El Cuestionario de Expectativas de Ensenanza, USET (Sander, Stevenson, King y Coates, 2000), en su version castellana (De la Fuente, 2003b) ha permitido conocer la ensenanza esperada y deseada en los alumnos universitarios.
* University Students' Expectations of Teaching (USET), disenado por Sander, Stevenson, King y Coats (2000) para estudiar las expectativas sobre diferentes aspectos de la ensenanza, tales como: metodos de ensenanza, metodo de evaluacion y cualidades del profesorado.
Environmental Trust (USET), a domestic environmental management group, on a blue-ribbon commission studying the costs and benefits of immigration.
Our little American Lippit Morgan dominates the world of combined driving and is a favorite at the USET world driving championships.
HGP researchers, who posted all their findings on the Internet for others to uset, were horrified at his approach.
Elite athletes were considered United States Equestrian Team (USET) members that had officially qualified to compete at the Olympic Trials.
The formula uset to calcuhte the annual change in real GDP is a "Fisher Ideal" formula ([Mathematical Expression Omitted]) that uses weights for z adjacent years (years t-1 and t).(1) The formula for the change in real GDP in y,ear t rdative to its value in year t-1 is
In the critical vernacular he is a writer who dares to take chances - and has done so from the start, with his debut novel, En hidtil uset drom om skibe (A Never Before Seen Dream about Ships, 1970).
Tenders are invited for (a) Replacing lighting arrangements for HAT & SPTF command room and area lighting at USET, IPRC ,Mahendragiri.(b) Revamping of lighting for TPT & SST Control Room at IPRC, Mahendragiri
Many times I have been using it before, the day before I meet my person."-Emergency contraception uset; Kampala