USEiTUse Support and Effect of Instructional Technology
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See Jakob Nielson, Mobile Content Is Twice as Difficult, USEIT.
Now, JMU is planning to attract the country's top sporting talent to useit.
Combining Web search and site search offers a perfect union and represents a leap forward in improving the Internet user's ability to find relevant products, services and information," said Jakob Nielsen, Web usability specialist and founder of both the Nielsen Norman Group and Useit.
We had quite a lot of the ball and didn't useit as well as we should have.
There were two of them and one gave me this story that he had got this refund but was going away for work and couldn't useit.
Only family guests and the Lord of the Manor were able to useit.
If he does I think we will get some good clean ball for both sides and we will be able to useit.