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USF has set out an aggressive strategy to roll out basic infrastructure for telecommunication, basic telephone and internet services for the people and businesses in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Fata,' said a USF spokesperson.
The Chairperson, Board of Directors, USF Co and the Minister of State for IT and Telecom; Anusha Rahman chaired the meeting in which an overview of the main efforts and development of telecommunication services in un-served and under-served areas across Pakistan by USF were taken in to the view with a special emphasis on the timely execution of establishment of Computer labs and provision of Computer teachers in 226 Government Girls Educational Institutions of Islamabad Capital Territory and the special project of Empowerment of Artisans through E-commerce.
The officer said for USF the term 'less developed areas' is not a familiar term as federal government has mandated USF through USF Rules to undertake projects in unserved and under-served areas.
He revealed that according to the USF Board of Directors decision, only Rs.
The control culture at the USF Financial Aid office was coincidentally heightened after an employee's identity was stolen.
I don't look at this as a learning experience,'' USF senior Samantha Ray said.
The university's strategic direction comes at an important time for USF Sarasota-Manatee, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and will open the a new campus in fall 2006.
USF Processors is now handling returns and unsaleables for the Albertson's stores in the Tulsa, OK area.
The repayment is one of a series of substantial expected refunds related to USF fees and other taxes Titan has previously paid.
Anusha Rehman directed USF authorities to work out a proposal for establishment of 6 computer labs for physically handicapped and visually impaired children enrolled in special education centres being run under CADD.
Pakistan's USF program has set out and achieved ambitious targets, including in some challenging operating environments, and there fore is considered to be among the leading coun tries where USF has succeeded" - The World Bank 2011 Before the establishment of USF, there was a general belief that initiatives taken by pub lic sector in Pakistan are either too short-sighted or do not sustain for long due to lack of funds and weak implementation procedure.
Last month, the Miami Herald reported on how Taborsky's dispute with USF over who invented and owns a new method of treating waste water landed Taborsky in a maximum-security prison in North Florida and on the chain gang.