USF-IUS Forces-Iraq
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USF-I planners originally assumed that negotiations with Iraq for a Title 10 follow-on force would be successful and structured the organization to direct up to 10,000 soldiers.
TF SAFE's mission requirements increased during USF-I's "Reposture the Force" phase of OND due to augmented new facility construction to support United States Mission-Iraq's (USM-I's) enduring presence and USF-I troop movement out of theater.
In January 2011, the core of the USF-I headquarters transitioned from III U.S Corps to XVIII Airborne Corps, signifying a change in key staff leadership and a major shift in the USF-I battle rhythm.
USF-I's goal was for future cycles to be 100 percent Iraqi-led, while the U.S.
The USF-I Military Justice Division in Theater Justice
(10) The Joint Staff Operations Directorate (J-3), USF-I Joint Operations Center, maintains a CBRN protection function, and distinguished USF-I staff positions are frequently filled by CBRN officers and noncommissioned officers.
"There was no ceremony, just a signing of paperwork akin to the closing of a home sale," Johnson said in a statement.Lieutenant Colonel Angela Funaro, a spokeswoman for USF-I, said that US troops had pulled out in advance and that just five US bases in Iraq now remain to be handed over.
Patrick Campbell, the civil affairs development chief with USF-I J-9, credits the 101st Airborne Division with the idea for CERP.
The members of LECIATF work in conjunction with USF-I, Task Force 134 (division provost marshal office, USF-I attorneys assigned to the task force, brigade combat teams that are responsible for the areas of operation), military unit commanders, the Department of State, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Government of Iraq to locate and identify all witnesses and information necessary to build a successful criminal investigation.
He said about 45 days prior to USF-I leaving an installation in Iraq, they begin a "weaning" process where various services cease.
Once the vetting process was completed to decide whether TPE was mission essential at each level, decisions and directives were published in a USF-I fragmentary order (FRAGO).