USF1Upstream Stimulatory Factor 1
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With four new teams -- Virgin, Campos- Meta, Lotus, USF1 -- joining the grid, Karun had been in talks with them, and a few other teams, since August last year.
The ultra-fast lady has been earmarked by Brit Peter Windsor, former world champion Nigel Mansell's old team manager at Williams and now the boss of the upcoming all-American USF1 outfit.
With the grid size increasing thanks to the arrival of the all-new Campos Meta 1, Virgin F1, USF1, and Lotus F1, the new extension at BIC will offer more circuit space and more dramatic action.
The other five new teams for 2010 are USF1, Campos, Sauber and Manor, which will compete as Virgin Racing.
Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, the principals behind the team they call USF1, officially announced their intent this week to run the 2010 schedule.
Hosting the season opener gives the kingdom's F1 fans the unique privilege of being the first in the world to watch live in action their returning favourites such as Ferrari, McLaren, Brawn and Red Bull alongside new F1 teams such as Manor, Campos, USF1 and Lotus.
and an enlarged 13-team entry list for next season that included newboys Mano Campos and USF1, Mosley's 14-year tenure was ended with a two and half line statement.
5] Nonstandard abbreviations: USF1, upstream stimulatory factor 1; TS, transferrin
The council also mandated FIA president Jean Todt to go forward and take the most appropriate action in dealing with USF1 team's non-participation this year.
LONDON: Formula One will have 12 teams this season, instead of a planned 13, after a late replacement for the USF1 entry was ruled out by the governing body on Wednesday.
The Maranello marque last week launched a fresh attack on former FIA president Mosley, claiming his "holy war" against manufacturers last year led directly to the current financial difficulties faced by USF1 and Hispanic Racing F1.