USFCCUnited States Fuel Cell Council
USFCCUnited States Federation for Culture Collections
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Novartis' innovative approach to influenza vaccine manufacture, combined with proven flexibility, helped the USFCC facility stand out as a leader in innovation, but there is another reason why the facility stands out: It promotes teamwork and environmental sustainability.
The websites for the USFCC and NHA will be accessible directly and through the new organization's website, which can be found at www.
According to USFCC, the survey's key findings are that reported sales of fuel cell products, parts and services remained consistently strong at $339 million and $331 million for 2003 and 2004 respectively; that reported fuel cell related research and development expenditures for 2003 and 2004 were $659 million and $716 million respectively; and that the reported number of employees conducting fuel cell related work remained relatively constant at 6,267 in 2004 compared to 6,312 in 2003.
I look forward to working with the USFCC member companies, allied organizations and the Obama Administration to hasten the commercialization of the fuel cell family," she said.
USFCC noted that the conference report now calls for $2 billion in authorized spending over five years for R&D for hydrogen supply and fuel cell accounts programs within the Department of Energy (DOE); authorization of $1.
As we enter a New Electrochemical Age, when we phase out combustion in favor of more civilized energy options, the USFCC is privileged to recognize one of the leaders of this transition, Ken Grossman," Hicks said.
Over the course of this governorship, governor Taft has succeeded in establishing his vision of an innovation-driven, high-technology economy for Ohio," said USFCC executive director Robert Rose.
The Expo, a function of USFCC, is free and open to the public, with no pre-registration required.
A list of commercially available fuel cell devices can be found on the USFCC web site.
The 22% job growth, atop a 12% increase last year, is particularly heartening," said Robert Rose, USFCC Executive Director.
According to USFCC, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Act of 2005, introduced by Senators Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC), is a comprehensive, 10-year initiative aimed at accelerating programs that will lead to the widespread commercialization and adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.
USFCC Teams with DOE to Showcase Commercial Products