USFCSUnited States Foreign Commercial Service
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In March 2011, the USFCS and the HKTDC will organise the first pavilion for American independent film and television companies at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART).
Under the new agreement, the HKTDC and the USFCS will collaborate closely with various US multipliers to carry out an extensive range of activities, including:
Internships with the USFCS are available in numerous countries.
The USFCS also employs Commercial Service Officers, although these positions require experience.
The specialists can provide contacts to other USFCS foreign offices maintained in U.
In addition to the USFCS, there are legions of industry- and country-specific desk officers at the Commerce Department's headquarters in Washington.
In several countries, the USFCS has its own exhibition space at trade shows for the exclusive benefit of U.
An effective trade mission program conducted by the USFCS is the Matchmaker Trade Delegation.