USFEUpper Stage Flight Experiment (US Air Force Research Laboratory)
USFEUnited States Futures Exchange (Chicago, IL)
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The court found that the plaintiffs' claims were within the scope of the indemnity clause, since Alaska has "interpreted similar indemnity clauses very broadly in the past and found that an employee's claims 'arise out of an indemnitor's performance if the injury occurs when the employee is on the job that is the subject of the indemnification agreement." Because the plaintiffs were USFE employees working under the Hoffman subcontract, their claims arose out of Hoffman's performance on the Providence contract.
(2) Includes State (50 States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands), ex-servicement (UCX), and Federal (USFE).
Gear pump nsh 50m-3l hydromotor gertorator cprm-160 fuse valve vmdr-40-120-2-c brush ring pp 120/550 flange bearing unit usfe 208n-co bus 4.