USFETUnited States Forces European Theater
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The first attempt at creating a joint command in Europe was made on 15 March 1947 when the European Command (EUCOM) replaced USFET. The purpose of the reorganization was: ...
I and II (1945) (USFET), provide an authoritative measure of the major breaches of military discipline and serious criminal offences.(9) This source contains statistical summaries and brief but rich accounts of ETO soldiers courts-martialled and their punishment(s).(10) The USFET report contains data for 70 executions between 1942 and November 1945, plus another 38 executions scheduled, giving a total of 108.
(9) However, it must be appreciated that many offences were handled through other disciplinary action including summary and special courts-martial and in some instances of officers, by reclassification proceedings (USFET, 1945: 3).
The threat of removing DPs from UNRRA care was not an idle one; in June of 1946, USFET (United States Forces, European Theater) ordered UNRRA to discontinue care and treatment for DPs from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Norway (see "Repatriation, 7 June-28 June 1946," UNRRA Germany Mission fonds, S-0399/S-0400-14, UNA; George Woodbridge, UNRRA [New York: Columbia University Press, 1950], app.
Upon his arrival at USFET (United States Forces, European Theater) headquarters at Frankfurt am Main in March 1946, he was assigned to the Judge Advocate's Division, then hard pressed for legal personnel.(19)