USFHPUniformed Services Family Health Plan (US DoD)
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Abuzkouk added: Combined with the excellent support from our partners who have previous experience with this program, we are confident that the continuity of operations will be seamless, with a goal to provide superior service to our active duty service members enrolled in the USFHP.
This case file material included the Martin's Point referral face sheet, which provided detailed information about participants' diagnoses, health care services rendered through the USFHP program, involvement of family members/significant others, living situation, and employment status.
Two participants were military retirees, and six were retiree family members covered under the USFHP. One participant was still working, and seven were retired.
USFHP enrollees are not eligible for benefits through the Tricare Pharmacy Program and must use their USFHP provider for prescription drug coverage.
The USFHP system is not one of the countless managed-care plans that have popped up recently.
Since USFHP facilities are designated TRICARE Prime providers, their eligibility requirements and level of care are identical to other TRICARE Prime providers.