USFJUnited States Forces, Japan
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The defense ministry said the money was used on F-15 jets and HH-60 helicopters from the USFJ. It said these can be deployed to the Korean Peninsula if necessary.
John Hutcheson, the Director of public affairs of USFJ, said in a statement.
In a statement released in both English and Japanese, USFJ said "alcohol may have been a factor" behind the Sunday morning incident, and that all service members on Okinawa were confined to either their base or their residence.
USFJ has made a positive contribution to the peace and security of the Far East and to the preservation of world peace.
"The purpose of the visit was to provide a forum for bilateral professional development and mutual understanding of logistics issues between senior logisticians on the Japan Joint Staff J4 and USFJ J4," said Victor Madaris, USFJ sub-area petroleum officer, Japan.
servicemen often occurred in Okinawa, which hosts more than 70 percent of USFJ bases.
On 12 March CTF 76 and fourteen staff deployed as Seventh Fleet's maritime response cell (MRC) to USFJ. The MRC was the representative of the joint force maritime component commander (JFMCC) and of the coordination cell within the headquarters.
Prior to the disasters, USFJ had a staff of 180 personnel, but within days personnel began to converge to support operations, including military and civilian personnel from every service; personnel from the U.S.
The P-998 PDT, composed of representatives from the United States Army and Navy, the United States Forces Japan (USFJ), and the government of Japan, formed an interservice, international team.
Air Force will start to train Japanese civilian air traffic controllers next Wednesday at its Kadena Air Base in Okinawa Island for a smooth handover, the USFJ said.
Two of PACOM's sub-unified commands, US Forces Japan (USFJ) and US Forces Korea (USFK), will also need to adapt to the evolving security environment.