USFLUnited States Football League
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USFLUnited States Futsal Federation
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Pearlman, author of best-selling biographies on Walter Payton and Brett Favre, provides a lively, bawdy account of the USFL's run from 1983-86.
USFL "won" its case, it was a pyrrhic victory: the jury
Like the NFL which faced competition from the USFL, the NBA faced external competition from the ABA, from 1967 to 1976.
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Associated Press Wednesday that 18-game schedules have been used in failed football leagues such as the CFL and USFL. He added that the NFL has the right to go to 18 games upon 90 days written notice to the union.
TABLE 2 Factor Loadings for the Measurement Model Measured Variable USFL SE Z SFL Self-concealment Parcel 1 3.08 .18 17.50 .88 *** Parcel 2 2.36 .16 14.67 .83 *** Parcel 3 2.55 .14 17.73 .84 *** Positive social experiences Parcel 1 1.47 .10 15.01 .85 *** Parcel 2 1.30 .10 13.10 .77 *** Parcel 3 0.85 .08 11.29 .72 *** Negative social experiences Parcel 1 0.99 .12 8.31 .72 *** Parcel 2 0.63 .09 7.26 .63 *** Parcel 3 0.63 .07 8.81 .60 *** Psychological distress General Feelings of 3.26 .28 11.56 .77 *** Distress Somatic Distress 3.31 .25 13.48 .84 *** Performance Difficulty 2.87 .21 13.35 .82 *** Willingness to Seek Counseling Psychological and Interpersonal Concerns 3.93 .61 6.49 .67 *** Academic Concerns 2.34 .32 7.34 .89 *** Note.
Among the other films included in this first wave are Mike Tollin's insightful look into the short-lived upstart football league the USFL and Kirk Fraser's Without Bias, which recounts the tragic story of Len Bias, the college-basketball star who died of a drug overdose two days after being named the number two overall pick in the 1986 NBA Draft.
When I transferred to Northern Michigan, the coach was a guy by the name of Rollie Dotsch, who was later a head coach in the USFL with the Birmingham Stallions.
He tells of his college football career and how he failed to make the jump to the now-defunct USFL. He vowed to a pro wrestling trainer to never play football professionally again, and he emerged on the Mid-South Wrestling circuit, the UWF--two of them no less, and WCW.
A jury decided in the 1986 verdict that although the NFL was a monopoly, the league did not prevent the USFL from obtaining a network television contract.
(161) See Lebowitz, supra note 97, at 1F (contrasting MLS with other upstart leagues, including the NASL and the USFL).
David Dixon, founder of the United States Football League (USFL) and FanOwnership Football, Inc., supports Blummenauer's legislation, but also believes the most direct and promising route to fan ownership of teams is through development of a new league.