USFOR-AUnited States Forces Afghanistan
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Helmand [Afghanistan], May 25 ( ANI ): A ground-based rocket artillery was carried out against Taliban leaders in Musa Qala district in Helmand, Task Force-Southwest, under US Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A) authorities confirmed on Thursday.
"We confirm local security personnel aligned with Afghan Government forces were killed in an airstrike in Greshk district in Helmand province late this afternoon," a statement by USFOR-A said, Khaama press reported.
Because USFOR-A and CJTF-OIR required more funding than they anticipated, both commands continually petitioned U.S.
USFOR-A's creation of the Operational Contract Support Drawdown Cell in August 2012 greatly enabled the responsible management of contractor personnel and equipment in the Combined Joint Operations Area--Afghanistan.
Although the NRC does not have jurisdiction, the MVACIS sources are managed by an Army Radiation Authorization given to USFOR-A by CECOM.
This fosters an ability to capture requirements, provide in-transit visibility, and redistribute materiel identified by the USFOR-A J-4's and other ISAF commanders' pri-Drities while continuing to provide effective sustainment to current and planned operations.
In retrospect, Transport as a service would have solved the issues of migrating the Air Force users at Kandahar onto the USFOR-A network (an Army network).
In May 2011, the 9 AETF-A commander assumed the additional title of deputy commander for air, USFOR-A, and later was incorporated into the ISAF chain of command as the deputy chief of staff for air under the IJC.
Starting as a Contingency Contracting officer at the New Kabul Compound, Kabul, Afghanistan, and eventually fleeting up to the Director of Operations, he is the command's link to the USFOR-A warfighters when it comes to integrated planning and future operations.
A member of the Afghan Local Police turned his weapon against two USFOR-A service members.
Afghanistan (USFOR-A) on July 4, 2010 after serving for over 20 months as Commander of the United States Central Command.
The USFOR-A Resource Management Directorate (J8) also supports the Afghan First Policy through its Publication 1-06, "Money As A Weapons System-Afghanistan," last updated January 2010.