USFOR-AUnited States Forces Afghanistan
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Contractors were used by ISAF and USFOR-A to maintain and service these systems.
In retrospect, Transport as a service would have solved the issues of migrating the Air Force users at Kandahar onto the USFOR-A network (an Army network).
No example more clearly paints this picture than the US force-reduction decision briefs that occurred between the commander, USFOR-A, and his subordinate commanders in the fall of 2011.
The USFOR-A Resource Management Directorate (J8) also supports the Afghan First Policy through its Publication 1-06, "Money As A Weapons System-Afghanistan," last updated January 2010.
There have been several USFOR-A releases since the beginning of his tenure highlighting the proposed suspensions and debarments of companies investigated and audited by TF2010 agencies and personnel.
Although the NATO Common Fund is not large in comparison to the Afghanistan Security Force Funds or the funds managed by USFOR-A, our financial management efforts are challenging because of the NATO-unique rules, regulation, forms, and specialized accounting databases.
Under the task orders, L-3 will provide multi-functional analysis, counterintelligence support, signals intelligence analysis and program management services, as well as other supporting intelligence activities to USFOR-A, which falls under the U.
USFOR-A started the planning process early, triggered by the President's announcement of a reduction in boots-on-the-ground to 34,000 by February 2014.
In Afghanistan, USFOR-A has built up 11 years' worth of infrastructure and supplies including 560 bases, 90,000 TEUs' worth of supplies, and 50,000 pieces of rolling stock and equipment.
The brief statement did not disclose the name of the killed soldiers, only saying "it is USFOR-A policy to defer casualty identification procedures to the U.
It is important to note that locations that were not under US military control had different pest control contracts which were not subject to the USFOR-A Integrated Pest Management Plan (iPMP).
Upon returning to USFOR-A headquarters that evening, I compile my notes and build a trip report to brief my Director and the Embassy's Field Support Unit.