USFRUniform System of Financial Records
USFRUS Fleet Reserve (US Navy)
USFRUtah Society of Fund Raisers (Salt Lake City, UT)
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USFR seeks to provide exposure to those floating rate notes issued by the U.S.
Still, USFR doesn't claim to represent or romanticize agriculture.
Although USFR's 2,000th episode was a significant milestone, it caused nothing more than a passing glance for the staff and audience.
As for what the next 2,000 episodes might bring for USFR, Phipps says, "Like agriculture itself, USFR is being constantly revised by the technological, economic and cultural upheaval in rural America.
"Above all, every member of the USFR team recognizes and appreciates the opportunity we have to serve agriculture.
Subjects were asked not to eat or drink for 1 1/2-2 h before the examination, which began with the determination of USFR, after which SSFR was measured [8].
Significantly reduced USFR was observed in tile patients showing the following symptoms of oral dryness: dry mouth during day (P = 0.003), difficulty in speaking (P = 0.03), water intake [is greater than or equal to] 20 times per day (P = 0.03) and dry mouth complicating denture wearing (P = 0.03; Table 2).
Relationship between mean unstimulated salivary flow rates (USFR) and complaints of oral dryness in 92 hospitalized elderly patients who completed the salivary test