USFSUnited States Forest Service
USFSUnited States Figure Skating (US Olympic Committee)
USFSU.S. Franchise Systems, Inc.
USFSUnited States Financial Services (banking; International Netherlands Group)
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He thanked ITU for collaborating with USF and the foreign delegates for coming to Pakistan to share their experiences.
The United States Forest Service (USFS) has offered its support for the dams.
The USFS responded by saying, "We just continue to operate as though that decision doesn't exist." Obviously, the agencies had no fear of the local sheriff intervening.
The current USFS policy is to interpret this mandate by reappraising sites at 5 percent of permitted use value, not highest and best use.
Last winter, the Northwest Ecosystem Alliance (NWEA), the Oregon Natural Resources Council (ONRC) and the Southwest Center for Biodiversity submitted the petition, which would give the USFS the option of awarding certain timber sales to the highest bidders regardless of their intention to log.
The Hages had filed the takings claim against the USFS and BLM in 1991 after excessive regulations and physical takings of their property had run them out of business.
Inter viewed around the North west, industry representatives and lobbyists are singing from the same hymnbook about tinderbox conditions that, they say, are the result of environmentalist hand-wringing and misguided USFS fire-prevention policies.
Critics report that USFS loses millions of dollars each year by heavily subsidizing clearcutting in Alaska's ancient forests and providing huge amounts of cheap timber to large timber corporations with preferential contracts.
Speaking at the occasion, CEO-USF said that USF established 120 state of the art computer labs in 120 Women Empowerment Centers of Pakistan Baitul Mal.
"I went back to USF 30-plus years after I started there.