USFSAUnion des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques (French: Union of French Societies of Athletic Sports)
USFSAUS Figure Skating Association (Colorado Springs, CO)
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For over six years the USFSA has recognized peasant and small farmers and cooperatives around the globe for their work for food justice and social change calling for agrarian reform.
The Fed could be placed in charge of supervising financial institutions determined to be "systemically important," and the USFSA could supervise all other institutions.
the USFSA with the supervision of all financial institutions (as
USFSA and the power to design examinations of large institutions to the
(7) The USFSA is the non-governmental body which selects figure skaters to represent the Unites States on behalf of the United States Olympic Committee.
Weaver stated that Harding was disappointed, but not surprised that the USFSA found her guilty because she did not appear to defend herself..
However, data was collected from all teams that had participated at the Collegiate level in the 1997 USFSA Synchronized Skating National competition.
Like NEPA, the USFSA foundation had a separate (if sometimes overlapping) board of directors.
That fee was dropped a few years ago, but it should be noted that USFSA was then several years into a long-term $100 million contract with ABC for TV rights.
Figure Skating Association's (USFSA) competitive sequence followed by Olympians and professionals.
His closest USFSA competition venue, however, is in the Portland area.