USFWCUnited States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (San Francisco, CA)
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In 2013, as the next stage of growth in a rapidly expanding worker cooperative movement, the USFWC helped launch the Democracy at Work Institute.
This is where the USFWC comes in: more than 40 percent of USFWC member cooperatives are conversions from some other form of ownership.
Newly converted businesses can join one of many membership organizations for cooperatives, among them the USFWC. By working together, USFWC and DAWI make worker ownership through the cooperative model possible, appealing and well-supported.
"Rural Americans have always used cooperatives to meet their needs," says USFWC Executive Director Melissa Hoover.
Kemble, representing USFWC, Alain Bridault of the Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation, and the presidents of the three Quebec worker cooperative federations, jointly signed the "Quebec Declaration," pledging their commitment to work together.
A committee was formed to work with the USFWC to collaborate with unions to foster worker cooperatives as a possible solution to job loss and for mutual support.