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United States Government Accountability Office (USGAO).
So, while any student may experience a restraint event, students with disabilities are the focus of the current study given the more frequent occurrence of these events with students with disabilities (e.g., LeBel et al., 2012; Ryan & Peterson, 2004; USGAO, 2009).
[6.] USGAO Report: Health effects of lead in drinking water-US General account Office; 2000.
Joseph High School in Usgao were hospitalised after eating a midday meal.
Perhaps the most insidious trend in the reluctance of low-income African American families to seek out mental health services for their children is highlighted in a report from the USGAO (2003).
A 2004 USGAO study, citing the National Center for Education Statistics on the costs of educating these children, reported that: for the 1999-2000 school year, current expenditures [expenses for instruction and support functions] for public K-12 education by primary and secondary public schools, not including any capital outlays, totaled about $324 billion.
State cost containment efforts have resulted in substantially lower Medicaid reimbursement rates (an average of $115 per day across the nation in 2000) than Medicare rates ($269 for freestanding facilities in 2000) (USCMS and Scully 2003; USGAO 2000; 2002a, b).
Measurement of commonly acceptable performance outcomes faces additional obstacles as many investors and other members of society look beyond shareholders' financial wealth maximization to other criteria, whether they be characterized in terms of social responsibility, ecological footprint, or net greenhouse gas emission levels (Epstein and Roy, 2003; USGAO, 2004).
For example, estimates of the proportion of children placed in foster care at least in part due to substance abuse issues of the parents range from 50%-80% (Chasnoff, 1998; USGAO, 1998; Young, Gardner, & Dennis, 1998).
These areas generally include swamps, marshes, bogs and similar areas" (USGAO 1988).
Government Accounting Office (USGAO), World Trade Organization: Issues in Dispute Settlement, GAO/NSIAD-00-210 (Washington, D.C.: USGAO, 2000), pp.