USGBCUnited States Green Building Council
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LEED for Cities was launched last year and USGBC said it enables cities to measure and communicate performance, focusing on outcomes from ongoing sustainability efforts across an array of metrics, including energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience (which includes education, prosperity, equity and health & safety).
Sponsor USGBC will also hold separate Communities & Affordable Homes, Waterbuild and International Summits.
These are the people whose contributions to USGBC and the green building industry are shaping the future of our world.
He transitioned from the role of volunteer founding chair of USGBC during this time to becoming its full-time CEO in 2004.
asked Hardin, when told by a reporter who had checked the USGBC registry.
The program, open to organizations with a minimum of six certified projects in a single rating system family, provides greater access to LEED reviewers and recognition from the USGBC for demonstrating "consistent excellence in administering LEED projects.
There are seven USGBC Chapters in Florida currently and the North Florida Chapter covers 11 counties in the northeastern part of Florida with Jacksonville, FL as our largest city in the region.
Given concerns regarding the changes and complexity of the new system, USGBC has stated that projects will still be able to register for LEED 2009 certification until June 1, 2015 in order to give the market time to adapt to the changes.
The USGBC is a non-profit organ-isation that focuses on sustainability.
Our membership of USGBC and adoption of LEED reinforce the policy of Naseej to comply with the highest international standards and global best practice," said chief executive officer Christopher Simms.
This concern results from the rapid growth of the USGBC and the questionable decisions it is making.
The suit alleges that USGBC deceived consumers, building professionals and jurisdictions by claiming that the LEED rating system results in reduced building energy consumption and that USGBC concealed data showing that numerous LEED-certified buildings "perform worse than conventionally built buildings.