USGCRPUnited States Global Change Research Program
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USGCRP, 2017: Climate Science Special Report: Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume I.
Heat-related illness, worse infectious diseases related to vector movement, longer allergy seasons, and other issues risk the health of our communities (USGCRP, 2016b) and bring new challenges to nurses and the healthcare system (Anderko, Schenk, & Huffling, 2017).
The percentage of extreme weather events has already increased from 18 percent in the 1980s to 40 percent in the 2000s according to USGCRP. According to a NASA published study, droughts in the second half of the 21st Century could be drier and longer than anything humans have seen for the last 1000 years.
unintended." (26) In its report, the USGCRP supported the idea of
Under a pessimistic scenario, a Trump administration might gut climate and related geoscience research, eliminate the USGCRP, make deep cuts to Department of Energy renewable energy programs, kill the Clean Power Plan, eliminate the federal renewable production tax credit, and withdraw from the Paris Agreement.
The USGCRP operates as a confederacy of the research components of thirteen participating government agencies, each of which independently designates funds in accordance with the program's objectives; these monies make up the USGCRP's budget to fund agency cross-cutting climate science R&D.
National Assessment of Climate Change," the USGCRP examined nine different general circulation climate models (GCMs) to assess climate change impacts on the nation.
(92) The United States Global Climate Change Research Program (USGCRP) conducts ongoing research related to atmospheric circulation, aerosol/cloud interaction, and oceanic chemistry.