USGIUnione Skinhead Girl Italia (Italian skinhead group)
USGIUnited States Government Issue
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Early production M1 As were built from mostly USGI parts but as time dragged on GI parts became scarce and current rifles contain 100% commercial parts.
Caption: The rear sight is a sort of combination of the old King-Tappan Rear sight and John Harrison's USGI blade.
On Friday, the bank's board of directors approved the appointment of consultant for advising on partial/complete disinvestment of Allahabad Bank's stake in USGI, the bank said in a regulatory filing.
The USGI throat gauge is inserted into a (clean) chamber and a reading is taken from the edge of the receiver ring.
GE Capital Healthcare Financial Services announced on Tuesday that it has acted as an agent for a senior secured credit facility of up to USD9m for USGI Medical Inc, a developer of endoscopic procedures for obesity and other advanced therapeutic endoscopy applications.
"Costs for key inputs may now well decline," says USGI. "Labour costs will ease as the pool of unemployed mining labour begins to expand, fed by redundancies in the non-gold sector.
The tools, developed by USGI Medical Inc., are used to grasp, fold and stitch tissue to reduce both the diameter of the stomach opening and the volume of the stomach pouch.
USGI also recently announced that they have licensed their incisionless surgery technology to Intuitive Surgical, makers of the da Vinci Surgical System, for use in medical robotics applications.
These include NeoGuide Systems Inc.'s Navigator Endoscopy System, as well as the ShapeLock endoscopic guide (USGI Medical), the SoftScope (SoftScope Medical Technologies Inc.), and the CathCam.
These include NeoGuide Systems Inc.'s Navigator Endoscopy System, the ShapeLock endoscopic guide (USGI Medical), and the SoftScope (SoftScope Medical Technologies Inc.).
Havens likes to say the biggest transaction in his company's history, the one that "led to our growth," was the 1994-1995 acquisition of servicing rights for $4.2 billion in FHA multifamily loans from Darien, Connecticut--based USGI, a distressed mortgage banker that had been one of Reilly Mortgage's principal competitors.