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USGPUnited States Grand Prix (Formula One race)
USGPUnited States Green Party
USGPUnited States Gemini Program (National Optical Astronomy Observatory)
USGPUnited States Great Plains (region)
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With the clock ticking on the future of the USGP, Ecclestone is now simply looking for "a guarantor", to assure him if COTA fail to pay then there is a reserve.
Bernie was instrumental in getting a USGP and without him it probably wouldn't have been there.
16, 2003 USGP Proposal to Create a Presidential Support Committee: "whether we will have a Presidential candidate is not 100% settled;" Oct 28, 2003 National Press Release: "The decision about whom, how, and whether to run in the 2004 national election will be made democratically by all the accredited state Green Parties at the Milwaukee convention.
More than 20,000 hotel rooms have been booked for the inaugural USGP at Indianapolis - and around 200,000 spectators, are expected.
Ten years ago, the Jordan team took it's first hesitant steps in F1 when the USGP was in Phoenix, Arizona.
Honoring Sebastian Vettel as SPEED Performer of the Year brings things full circle for American fans who have watched him from his first F1 race as a 19-year old at the 2007 USGP in Indianapolis," said Bob Varsha, the host of Formula One racing on SPEED and a voting member of the SPOTY panel.
So after a period of reflection and repackaging, the USGP has been reborn at a track befitting the sport's global status and at vast cost.
Anyone who was a part of the paddock fun at the old USGP at Indy knows that our fans are smart, loyal and vocal.
Michelin is committed to reaching as many fans as possible who purchased tickets to the USGP by delivering prompt ticket refunds.
In addition to the ticket refund, we will provide 20,000 tickets to the 2006 USGP at Indianapolis to dedicated fans who purchased tickets to this year's race.
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