USGPMUS Gallons Per Minute
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In order to meet the required variable flow of between 500 [m.sup.3]/h (2200 USGPM) and 1000 [m.sup.3]/h (4400 USGPM), the power plant was using a valve at the discharge to throttle the flow.
The firewater pumping capacity currently available in the Refinery is 9,000 usgpmand in Sitra Tanks is 6,000 usgpm. Preliminary studies conducted based on latest Chevron/NFPA standards recommends to enhance existing fire water pumping capacity to ~12,000 usgpm in the Refinery and Sitra Tank-farm.
Operating flow ranges up to 530 USgpm (120 [m.sup.3]) with a delivery head of up to 330 ft (100 m) at 3500 rpm.
Series 800 liquid turbine meters provide a low-pressure drop and expanded viscosity range, offered in 1/2" to 4" sizes for flow ranges from 0.75 to 1200 USGPM, with accuracy of [+ or -] 1.0%.
Sanitary centrifugal pumps are now available with capacities to 160 USgpm and heads to 580 feet.
4400 USgpm (1000 cubic metres per hour) to treat refinery waste water.
The ICM can handle flows up to 1,760 USGPM and heads to 685 Feet Standard operating pressures are up to 232 psig with options for 25 bar.
System operates continuously and trouble-free to provide lump-free, single pass dispersion of powders at a flow rate of 25 usgpm. The simplicity and portability of the system eliminates the need to match pumps; provides complex training; and minimizes operator error.
The ICM can handle flows up to 1,760 USGPM (400 [m.sup.3]/h) and heads to 685 feet (210 m).