USH1Usher Syndrome Type I
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Nevertheless, Henricson, Wass, Lidestam, Moller, and Lyxell (2012) investigated the phonological and lexical skill levels of children with USH1 who use cochlear implants as well as the effect of congenital hearing loss on the phonological processing skills of adults with USH2 (Henricson, Lidestam, Lyxell, & Moller, 2015).
Survey of the frequency of USH1 gene mutations in a cohort of Usher patients shows the importance of cadherin 23 and protocadherin 15 genes and establishes a detection rate of above 90%.
2006) investigated the long-term visual prognosis for persons with USH1 and USH2 and found that progression was faster among men than among women.