USHLIUnited States Hispanic Leadership Institute
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In addition to an annual USHLI conference that attracts thousands of people from more than 40 states, his institute also holds regional leadership conferences aimed at high school and college students.
Our Prediction: Based in the president's backyard, Andrade and the USHLI will be an important source President Obama in his search for other Latino candidates to appoint under his administration.
The USHLI is a Chicago based national organization established to conduct non-partisan voter registration, education, and get out the vote activities, research on Latino political demographics, and leadership development.
El USHLI es una organizacisn nacional establecida en Chicago que se encarga de organizar, en forma independiente, el registro, la educacisn y las actividades electorales de los votantes, ademas de realizar estudios acerca del desarrollo de la poblacisn latina desde el punto de vista de sus preferencias polmticas.
Fresh out of the press is the newest edition of The Almanac of Latino Politics, a compendium of very important data put together by the USHLI.