USHMMUnited States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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Using the USHMM website and focusing on the experiences of the person being studied, the student investigates such topics as: 1) geographic locale(s); 2) pre-Holocaust life; 3) larger contexts (e.
This liminality is reinforced by their call to action, a call which is not shared in other, more mainstream usages of the Holocaust, such as the sign, discussed above, which permanently hangs outside the USHMM.
USHMM, press release, "Madeleine Albright and William Cohen to Co-Chair Genocide Prevention Task Force," 13 November 2007, http://www.
In theory, USHMM will be willing to make any = reasonable search, and if there are results, they will provide the inquirer= with copies of the original source documents.
The survey reported in this article was commissioned by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and developed by SRI in early 2004 with feedback from the USHMM.
The United States was supporting the development of a Holocaust Education Center at Jasenovac Memorial through the expertise of the USHMM.
A wrenching difference between dark and darker tourism--between, say, the USHMM and the Polish State Museum in Oswiecim (SMO)--is that the latter must cope with its custodianship of mortal remains.
The Registry is a voluntary and testimonial list, and is by no means a comprehensive list of all survivors," reads the USHMM website.
As a result, the meaning of the same USHMM exhibit also seemed to shiftto a display about the lessons of propaganda vis-a-vis the rise of populism in France (and beyond); and not, as originally imagined, to only suggest similarities between the Third Reich and modern Islamist terror groups.
Neufeld and Michael Berenbaum's The Bombing of Auschwitz (University of Kansas Press, 2000), which was based on the co- sponsored USHMM and National Museum of Air and Space conference marking the museum's 1993 opening.