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USIAUnited States Information Agency
USIAUnited Sabah Islamic Association
USIAUnited States Intelligence Agency, Inc.
USIAUprawlenije Sowjetskowo Imuschtschestwa Awstrii (Russia: Administration for Soviet Property in Austria)
USIAUser Signal Interface Adapter
USIAUnited States Islands Award
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Historically, information warfare was identified as critical to national security, and USIA was required to erode support for the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
USIA had strict rules preventing it from operating domestically.
A world revision of the bee fly tribe Usiini (Diptera, Bombyliidae) Part 2: Usia sensu stricto.
He pushed through an amendment barring the USIA from making its content available to American audiences without congressional approval, granted on a case-by-case basis.
In 1998, Congress transferred public diplomacy authorities from USIA to the State Department.
Cull makes a persuasive case that the role of the USIA and of public diplomacy more generally in American policy during the Cold War has been badly underestimated by historians and, indeed, woefully neglected.
Information Agency (USIA), "Did our Exhibition jive with basic Russian impulses?
Yoichi Okamoto, chosen by Johnson as his personal photographer, also worked for USIA. Both of these gentlemen were stars and under normal circumstances they would have been treated as such.