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USIAUnited States Information Agency
USIAUnited Sabah Islamic Association
USIAUnited States Intelligence Agency, Inc.
USIAUprawlenije Sowjetskowo Imuschtschestwa Awstrii (Russia: Administration for Soviet Property in Austria)
USIAUser Signal Interface Adapter
USIAUnited States Islands Award
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Public diplomacy as conducted by USIA and now the State Department has several important features:
Historically, information warfare was identified as critical to national security, and USIA was required to erode support for the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
The 1962 survey poll conducted by the INESE on behalf of the USIA suggests that Brazilians sponsored a reformist position domestically and, to a lesser extent, argued for an autonomist position in the international arena.
President Eisenhower delegated the public diplomacy authority of the Secretary of State to the Director of USIA when he created that Agency in 1953.
His book is an institutional history of the USIA, not a history of American propaganda and public diplomacy, generally.
It can cast light on the question, which the USIA was particularly interested in probing at the time, "what socialism/ communism means personally to Soviet citizens.
USIA was not about to build up any personalities regardless of the quality of the work.
In his performing capacity, honors include a Duo Recitalists' Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, an Artistic Ambassadorship to Asia from the USIA, and an Artists' Residency at M.
Much of the book details the activities of the USIA, based on exhaustive research, including newly declassified documents from the Eisenhower Library.
Eisenhower Library, the USIA Archive, and other collections, Kenneth Osgood does a marvelous job of distilling an enormous amount of documentation.
In the 1980s, he wrote for ABC's revival of "Omnibus" and scripted a USIA international documentary "Let Poland Be Poland.