USIBUnited States Intelligence Board
USIBUpper Similkameen Indian Band (Keremeos, BC, Canada)
USIBUniversal Storage Interface Bus (Addonics)
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In July 1967, following reconnaissance satellite operations, the USIB renamed COMOR the Committee on Imaging Requirements and Exploitation (COMIREX) and established separate committees for SIGINT and COMINT.
Dans un communique publie hier par l'USIB-UMT, le nouvel accord est le fruit de longues et serieuses negociations entre les representants de l'USIB et ceux du groupement professionnel des banques du Maroc.
Au terme de l'accord, l'USIB et le GPBM ont convenu de porter des ameliorations sur le panier de la menagere.
The Usib Primary School was identified as a suitable site on the basis of its proximity to Windhoek, allowing for easy access and monitoring.
Said Shilamba, "The technical commissioning of the plant was carried out in July 2013," adding that the plant had been feeding electricity to the Usib Primary School and hostel on a daily basis.
103-236; USIB Act), Congress abolished the BIB and reorganized all existing U.S.
(3) The International Broadcasting Bureau, created under the 1994 USIB Act as the government entity carrying out VOA and other federal government nonmilitary international broadcasting, was also preserved, and placed directly under the supervision of the BBG.
Although the USIB reached consensus on the number of ICBMs in the Soviet Union's current inventory (estimating 50 ICBMs in inventory, and 35 of these on launchers, by mid-1960), considerable differences of opinion emerged in the out years.
a military superiority over the United States" so as to "enable them to either force their will on the United States through threat of destruction," or to launch an attack so that "the United States as [a] world power would cease to exist." (34) Although the majority opinion of the USIB as expressed in the main body of the intelligence estimate echoed Eisenhower's own beliefs, the Air Force's opposing point of view soon moved from the footnotes of a classified government report to the front pages and headlines of the nation's leading newspapers.
A back panel with one USIB and five eSATA connectors allows up to four SATA and one IDE/ATAPI device to be installed into the enclosure.
The vocalic distinctions are not as clear in Akkadian, but in a number of places the morphology of Akkadian makes a formal distinction between semantically stative and semantically non-stative verb-classes - see infra the distinction between usib 'he sat down' and the Zustandsverb isim 'he belonged'.
La seance d'ouverture a ete marquee par le discours du camarade Miloudi Moukharik, Secretaire General de l'UMT, dans lequel il a rappele l'importance du secteur des banques dans l'economie nationale et de l'USIB en tant que fidele defenseur des interets materiels et moraux des travailleurs du secteur, depuis sa creation en1956.